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Setup OSS CAD Suite

What is OSS CAD Suite?

OSS CAD Suite is a binary software distribution for a number of open source software used in digital logic design. You will find tools for RTL synthesis, formal hardware verification, place & route, FPGA programming, and testing with support for HDLs like Verilog, Migen, and Amaranth.

An overview about all tools included can be found here.


Download OSS CAD Suite

  1. Download the latest Release of OSS CAD Suite Tools from here.

  2. Extract the archive to a location of your choice (for Windows it is recommended that path does not contain spaces)

  3. On macOS to allow execution of quarantined files xattr -d oss-cad-suite-darwin-x64-yyymmdd.tgz on downloaded file, or run: ./activate in extracted location once.

Setup OSS CAD Suite Path

Setup Path

If the path is correctly detected, the IDE will show a green tick ✅ next to the path.

Next Steps

You should be able to use all the tools inside the IDE or from the integrated terminal.