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Setup Quartus

What is Quartus?

Quartus is a software tool produced by Intel (formerly Altera) used for the development and programming of FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) and CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) devices. It provides a comprehensive environment for system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) design. Quartus includes everything needed to design, simulate, optimize, and program digital systems into Intel's line of FPGA and CPLD products.


Download Device support

Download the support for the hardware that you want to use:

Max 10Core Max10, Core Max10 Ultra, MAX1000, ...MAX 10 device support
Cyclone 10 LPCYC1000, ...Cyclone 10 device support
Cyclone VCYC5000, ...Cyclone 5 device support

Download and Install Quartus

Download the installer for your platform and execute it. The device support should be in the same folder as the installer, to install it automatically.


Install OneWare Quartus Extension


Setup Quartus Path

Quartus Path

If the path is correctly detected, the IDE will show a green tick ✅ next to the path.

Select Quartus Toolchain

Either select Quartus Toolchain and Loader while creating a project:

Quartus Toolchain Select

Or select Quartus in the Compile/Download Dropdown Menu:

Quartus Toolchain Select 2

Next Steps

You should be able to use Quartus now to compile for your hardware!