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Industry 5.0 ready

PLC ONE is the first Industry 5.0 ready industrial controller that can adapt to the needs of the future

AI-Powered Industrial Controller

Empower your robotics with a single, AI-integrated controller that orchestrates a multitude of actuators and sensors. Our technology enables automation of tasks traditionally performed by humans, with AI object recognition running on the same controller that directs motors, allowing for swift and precise responses. Connect with us to elevate your robotic systems to new levels of efficiency.

Smart, Flexible and light as a feather

Elevate your drone capabilities with our unified controller managing both motors and cameras. AI object recognition assists in navigation, combining the functions of processors, graphics cards, and drone controls into one lightweight, energy-efficient unit. Discover how our innovative approach can enhance your drone's performance and efficiency.

One Simple Solution for the Tasks of the Future

Discover the next generation of industrial automation: our controller features a new processor architecture for markedly faster response times than conventional PLCs. It centralizes processing to enhance energy efficiency, minimize weight, and reduce costs. With its capacity for unlimited expansion, it’s built to accommodate extra computing power and components as needed. Upgrade and future-proof your electronics with our next-level control technology.

All you need for ONE modular system


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