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Ali Durmaz

OWL Community Representation at HANNOVER MESSE​

Last week, we had the privilege of representing ONE WARE alongside 34 leading companies, research institutions, and startups at the OWL Community Booth at the HANNOVER MESSE. This booth, organized by OstWestfalenLippe GmbH, owl maschinenbau e. V., and it's OWL, was dedicated to the theme of Industrie.Zero. This visionary initiative aims to make industrial production consistently sustainable and intelligent, positioning it as a central element for the future of manufacturing worldwide. At the heart of this endeavor are Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability as crucial drivers for change.

Innovations in AI for Sustainable Manufacturing​

ONE WARE addresses these key focuses with our innovative AI Generator, which was showcased at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference as part of our "AI in a Box" demonstrator. Our demonstrator can process an impressive 15,000 images per second with a minimal energy consumption of just 0.3 watts, highlighting our commitment to developing energy-efficient AI solutions. Thus, we demonstrate effectively how AI can be implemented on compact processors and FPGAs, enabling precise and energy-efficient control of manufacturing processes in real-time - a significant advancement towards achieving the goals of Industrie.Zero and promoting sustainable production methods in industrial automation.

Recognition and Future Prospects​

Of particular note is our specially developed AI network, which impressed with its adaptability and performance at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference and garnered further interest and recognition at the HANNOVER MESSE. The abundant and positive feedback at the fair, reinforced by the opportunity to present our solutions to key figures from politics and industry, confirms the increasing demand for flexible and scalable AI solutions designed specifically for industrial applications.

Proud Contributors to a Sustainable Future​

We are proud to be part of such a dynamic and future-oriented community like that of OWL, which actively contributes to moving the industry towards a more sustainable future.