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Elevate Your Productivity with ONE AI and integrate AI Without Experts


Universal Assistant

ONE AI lets you build efficient AIs to process Images, Audio and Sensor Data. Our assistant has the know how of all current AI research and you just have to answer a few questions to create your own individual AI. Then ONE WARE Studio helps to integrate the AI in your product.

Integrate AI Faster and Without Experts

The ONE WARE Studio AI Extension is the first solution that moves away from universal yet inefficient neural networks and time consuming tailored AI solutions that depend on AI experts. ONE WARE Studio streamlines AI integration by Guiding Users without prior expertise through the customization of neural networks. It automatically crafts Efficient and Adaptable Neural Networks, which can then be effortlessly deployed across a variety of hardware, from FPGAs to microcontrollers, and processors equipped with TPUs or GPUs. Empower your operations with AI that is both sophisticated and accessible.

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